Ed Sheeran - Top floor

FI can see the city lights From where I stand oCn theDm top floor And I'm not sure iBbf I'm deaFd
FI raise my hands to the clouds To check if heaven iCs withDm me now Cause the devil's Bbin my bFed
She won't Dmlove me Bblike she couFld She won't Dmhold me Bblike you wouFld
FI bid this city goodnight And cover street lampsC likeDm my eyes When it's quiet IBb'll gFo
FI'm saying my sweetest goodbye Under billboarCds ofDm fastfoods and Bbmobile phoFnes
Cause they don't Dmtreat me lBbike they shoFuld Cause they don't Bbneed me likCe you woulFd
BbMy toes curled clutched to the edge FI'm filled up with regret BbCould you forgive me yCet
Would you kBbnow if I feFll From this DmhoteFl C F
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