Ed Sheeran - This

These chords aren't the actual chords that Ed Sheeran uses but they sound just as good and are much easier. Please leave a comment on improvment or how you got on with the chords Capo on 4th fret (or 2nd) (intro) G D C D x2
TGhis is the start of sDomething Cbeautiful D GThis is the start of sDomething Cnew D GYou are the one who'd Dmake me lCose it all D GYou are the start of sDomething Cnew, ooh
(D) Em And I'll throw it all away
C And watch yGou fall Em into my Carms aGgain And I'll tEmhrow it all away CAnd watch yGou fall, C nDow
GYou are the earth that DI will stCand upon D GYou are the words that DI will siCng
(D) Em And I've thrown it all away
CAnd watched yGou fall Em into his Carms aGgain And I've tEmhrown it all away CWatched youG fall, C nDow
CAnd take me back D Take me home EmWatch me fall GDown to earth CTake me back D for
GThis is the start of DsomethingC beautiful D GYou are the start of Dsomething nCew
Chords by Joshaaitken
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