Ed Sheeran - The sea

Did this by ear, so sorry if it's not completely right :S (intro: G - Cadd9)
Pass me a Gdrink You say it’s gonna taCadd9ke a while Your consciousness Gsinks Tears from a crCadd9ocodile
You’re wasting yoEmur time Giving me the spGeech You try to, don’Cadd9t reach Your smiDle
You’re holdingG your tears Your inside is Cadd9dead You’re eating yoGur fears In a cigarCadd9ette You’ve waited toGo long To finally Cadd9see The sunshine in the rDain Is as deep as theG sea
(same chords) I’ve taken the blow It’s all down on paper Had fun in the snow But no ‘see you later’ You’re wasting your time Giving me the speech You try to, don’t reach Your smile You’re holding your tears Your inside is dead You’re eating your fears In a cigarette You’ve waited too long To finally see The sunshine in the rain Is as deep as the sea
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