Ed Sheeran - The a-team

A-Team preferably done on an acoustic but if not, pick up-neck tone-4 bass-6 middle-7 treble-4 capo 2nd fret intro: G C G C G C G C
Gwhite lips, pale face, bG/Freathing in the snow fEmlakes Cburnt lungs, sour taGste C Glights gone, days end, strG/Fuggling to pay rEment Clong nights, strGange men
A7and they say she is in the class A-CTeam stuck in here daydGream been this way since eigDhteen
but lately
A7her face seems, slowly sinking, wasCting crumbling like pasGtries, and they scream the woDrst things in life,
come free to us
Emwe're all under the upper haCnd, goGes mad for a couple grams Emshe dont want to go ouCtside,G tonight Emand in a pipe she willl fly to the motherlCand, and seGll love to another man Emits to cCold Goutside for angels to Emf--Cl--yG X2
you can work out the rest it is exactly the same. first tab complete
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