Ed Sheeran - Teneriffe sea

Capo 4, all chords relative to capo, (**** Please note some of these are not the actual chord names****) !!!ALL THOUGH THIS CAN BE PLAYED IN STANDARD IT IS RECOMMENDED YOU TUNE YOUR G STRING TO AN E BEFORE PLACING YOUR CAPO ON!!!!!! E- 022000 B-202000 A- 002000 - Listen to sing for hammer on the second fret B String C#m - 046000 B#m - 024000 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------- Verse (Verse 1 as Example) --------------------------------
EYou look so Bwonderful in your Adress, EI love your Bhair like Athat. EThe way it Bfalls on the Aside of your neck, C#mdown your B#mshoulders and Aback. EAnd we are Bsurrounded by Aall of these lies and Epeople who Btalk to Amuch. EYou got the Bkind of Alook in your eyes as if C#mno one knows Banything but Aus.
-------------------------------- Pre Chorus --------------------------------
AAnd shouldn't this be the Elast thing I B#msee? AI want you know it's Eenough for B#mme. ACause all that you are is Eall that I'll ever B#mneed.
--------------------------------- Chorus --------------------------------- E, B, A I'm so in love E, B, A So in love E, B, A So in love E, B, A So in love
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