Ed Sheeran - perfect

[Verse 1: Ed Sheeran]
I found a Ablove for Fmme Oh darling, just Dbdive right in and follow my lEbead Well, I found a gAbirl, bFmeautiful and sweet Oh, I never kDbnew you were the someone waiting for Ebme 'Cause we were just kids when we fAbell in love Not knowing wFmhat it was I will not gDbive you up this tAbime Eb But darling, just kAbiss me slow, your heart is aFmll I own And in your eDbyes, you're holding mEbine
[Chorus: Ed Sheeran]
Baby, FmI'm daDbncing in the dAbark with yEbou between my aFmrms DbBarefoot on the gAbrass, liEbstening to our fFmavourite song When you Dbsaid you looked a Abmess, I whispered unEbderneath my bFmreath But you hDbeard it, darling, Abyou look perEbfect toniAbghtEb Fm Eb Db Eb
[Verse 2: Beyoncé]
Well I found a Abman, stronger than aFmnyone I know He shares my drDbeams, I hope that someday we'll share a hEbome I found a lAbove, to carry mFmore than just my secrets To carry loDbve, to carry children of our oEbwn We are still kids, but we're Abso in love Fighting aFmgainst all odds I know we'll be alrDbight this tAbime Eb Darling, just hAbold my hand Be your girl, you'll Fmbe my man And I see my Dbfuture in your eEbyes
[Chorus 2: Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran & Both]
Well baby, FmI'm dDbancing in the Abdark, with yEbou between my aFmrms BDbarefoot on the grAbass, while lEbistening to our fFmavorite song When I sDbaw you in that dAbress, looking so bEbeautiful I dFmon't Dbdeserve this, darling, Abyou look pEberfect tAbonight
[Instrumental] Ab Fm Db Eb Ab [Chorus 3: Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran & Both]
EbBaby, FmI'm dDbancing in the dAbark, with yEbou between my aFmrms DbBarefoot on the Abgrass, while lisEbtening to our fFmavorite song I have fDbaith in what I sAbee Now I know EbI have met an aFmngel in pDberson And Abshe looks perEbfect And he looks perfect No I dDbon't deserve this YEbou look perfect tAbonight Eb Fm Eb Db Eb Ab
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