Ed Sheeran - Masters of war

CAPO on 4th fret Intro: Am7
Am7Come you masters of war, you thatG build all the Am7guns You thatG build the death Am7planes, you thatG build all theAm7 bombs You thatG hide behind Am7walls, you thatG hide behind Am7desks I just want you toC know I can Gsee through yourAm7 masks.
Am7You that never done nothing, butG build to destrAm7oy GYou play with my wAm7orld like it'sG your little tAm7oy GPut a gun in my hAm7ands and youG hide from my eyAm7es And you turn and runC farther as Gthe fast bullets fAm7ly.
Am7Like Judas of old, youG lie and deceiAm7ve Am7A world war can be won, yGou want me to believAm7e Am7But I see through your eyes and I sGee through your braAm7in Like I see through theC water thatG runs down my drainAm7.
Am7You fasten all the triggers for theG others to fiAm7re Then you Gset back and Am7watch as theG death count gets higherAm7 You Ghide in your Am7mansion, while Gyoung people's Am7blood Flows out of theirC bodies and isG buried in the mudAm7.
Am7You've thrown the worst fear thatG can ever be hurleAm7d Fear to bring childrenG into the woAm7rld For threatening my baby, Gunborn and unAm7named Well you ain't worth theC blood thatG runs in your veinsAm7.
Am7How much do I know toG talk out of Am7turn You might say that I'm young, youG might say I'm unAm7learned But there's one thing I know though GI'm younger than youAm7 That even Jesus woCuld never foGrgive what you do.Am7
Am7Let me ask you one question, isG your money that gAm7ood? Will it buy you forgiveness? DGo you think that it coAm7uld? I think you will find when yourG death takes its tAm7oll All the money youC made will never buyG back your soAm7ul.
Am7And I hope that you die and yourG death will come sAm7oon I will follow your casket in theG pale afternoAm7on And I'll watch while you're lowered, down to your deathAm7bed And I'll stand over yourC grave to make sGure that you're dAm7ead.
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