Ed Sheeran - Master of war

I feel as though none of the other versions sounded right or were remotely close in terms of where the chords where meant to be and what chords where actually used Capo on the 4th Fret Standard Tuning Intro: G Am x3 Am C G Am Verse: Am G Am End of Verse: Am C G Am
AmCome you masters of war GYou thatAm build the big guns
GYou thatAm build the death planes GYou thatAm build all the bombs
GYou thatAm hide behind walls GYou thatAm hide behind desks
AmI just waCnt youG to Amknow I can see through your masks AmYou that never have done nothin'
Gbut builAmd to destroy GYou playAm with my world
Glike it'Ams your little toy GYou put Ama gun in my hands
Gthen youAm hide from my eyes AmThen you turn aCnd rGun fartheAmr when the fast bullets fly
AmLike Judas of old Gyou lie Amand deceive GA world Amwar can be won Gyou wantAm me to believe GBut I seAme through your eyes Gand I seAme through your brain AmLike I see thrCough tGhe water Amthat runs down my drain
AmYou that fasten all the triggers Gfor the Amothers to fire GThen youAm sit back and watch Gas the dAmeath count gets higher GYou hideAm in your mansions Gwhile thAme young people's blood AmFlows out of Ctheir Gbodies Amand gets buried in the mud
AmYou've thrown the worst fear that can ever be hurled Fear to bring children into the world For threatening my baby unborn and unnamed GYou ain't woCrth the blood that runs in yoAmur veins G
AmHow much do I know Gto tAmalk out of turn GYou Ammight say that I'm young Gyou Ammight say I'm unlearned GBut Amthere's one thing I know GthouAmgh I'm younger than you AmEven Jesus would never forgive what yGou do Am
AmLet me ask you one question Gis yAmour money that good? GWillAm it buy you forgiveness GDo yAmou think that it could? GI thAmink you will find GwhenAm your death takes its toll AmAll the mConey you made won't ever buy Gback yoAmur soul
AmAnd I hope that you die Gand Amyour death will come soon GI'llAm follow your casket GIn tAmhe pale afternoon GAnd AmI'll watch while you're lowered AmDown to your death-bed AmThen I'll stand overC your grave tGill I'm sure that you're deaAmd
Also he plays by palm-muting with the thumb, and strumming with the other fingers, he also strums a hammer on each time he changes chords and on the using the pinkie on the 3rd fret - B string when he plays the Am. For a reference here is his live version which I used to back up how he plays it, the G7 is a lie (doesn't sound anywhere close). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHMlAYeFeYw If there are any mistakes or anything I've done wrong feel free to diss me for it.
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