Ed Sheeran - Make you feel my love acoustic

Artist: Ed Sheeran Song: Make You Feel My Love (acoustic) (cover of Bob Dylan's song) Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6s8QE48pvg Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JKQRW6d7cc Transcription: SCA, kostya.levin.sca@gmail.com Tuning: standard Capo: NO capo Chords used: G: 3.x.0.0.3.x D/F#: 2.x.0.2.3.x D/F: 1.x.0.2.3.x C: x. Cm7: x. A7: x. D: x.x.0.2.3.x B: x. C*: x. Intro: G D/F# D/F C Cm7 G A7 D7 G Verse:
G When the rain is blowing D/F#in your face D/F And the whole world is oCn your case Cm7 I could offer you a Gwarm embrace A7 To make you Dfeel my Glove
G When evening shadows and theD/F# stars appear D/F And there is no one there to dCry your tears Cm7 I could hold you for a Gmillion years A7 To make you Dfeel my Glove
CI know you haven't made your Gmind up yet B C* But I would never do you wrong CI've known it from the moment Gthat we met A7No doubt in my mind where you bDelong
G I'd go hungry, I'd go D/F#black and blue D/F I'd go crawling down the Cavenue Cm7 No, there's nothing that I Gwouldn't do A7 To make you Dfeel my lGove
Break: G D/F# D/F C Cm7 G A7 D7 G Bridge:
C The storms are raging on the Grollin' sea B C* And on the highway of regret C The winds of change are blowing Gwild and free A7 You ain't seen nothing likeD me yet
G I could make you happy, make your D/F#dreams come true D/F Nothing that I wouldn't Cdo Cm7 Go to the ends of the Gearth for you A7 To make you Dfeel my Glove A7 To make you Dfeel my lGove
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