Ed Sheeran - Litle bird

This is my first contribution to this site so I am sorry if I do't do something right. There are plenty of ways that might be easier to play it on this site but this is the way he plays it live based on this video I found. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2lJAt12az8 He tells Alexander to hammer on the Bm and that sounds great if you can do that. Capo on 4 or 5 (I like 5, chords relative to capo.) Chords: Bm G D A7
BmE) 2 EG)3 DE)0 A7 E)0 A) 2 A)2 A)0 A)0 D) 4 D)0 D)0 D)2 G) 4 G)0 G)2 G)0 B) 3 B)0 B)3 B)2 e) 2 e)3 e)2 e)0
BmIf we take this bird in GWith its broken leg DWe could nurse it A7She said
BmCome inside GFor a little lie down with me DIf you fall asleep A7It wouldn’t be the worst thing BmBut when I wake up GYour make-up is on my shoulder DAnd tell me, if I lie down, would you stay now A7And let me hold you?
BmBut if I kiss you GWill your mouth read this truth? DDarling, how I miss you A7Strawberries taste how lips do BmAnd it’s not complete yet GMustn’t get our feet wet DCos that leads to regret A7Diving in too soon BmAnd I’ll owe it all to you GMy little bird DMy little birdA7
The whole song continues on like this, the strumming is really up to how you like it, I like to play it by strumming the fist chord really fast then percussive strumming until the next chord.
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