Ed Sheeran - Grade eight

Grade 8 Ed Sheeran + Album version guitar tab. This is the nice li'l guitar stabs from the album version of the song. It's really, really simple, but the rhythm might be quite hard to grasp... Just listen and play along. :D Any comments/corrections - Email me - elchzard@gmail.com X|Gm |A# |Eb |Eb / Ebm | E|-3----|-6----|-11-------|-11----------| A|--5---|--8---|---13-----|---13--------| D|---5--|---8--|-----13---|-----13------| G|----3-|----7-|-------12-|-------12-11-| B|------|------|----------|-------------| e|------|------|----------|-------------| 11= Eleven, not one-one - likewise with 12 and 13. So yeah. Just chord notes, played in quick succession. You form the chord and play each note of it, up from the low E, quite fast... It's simple. Perhaps that's why no-one's tabbed it yet. xD Thanks! ~Elchzard
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