Ed Sheeran - Fairytale of new york

Capo - 7th fret [Verse 1]
It was Christmas GEve babe, In the Cdrunktank An old man Gsaid to me, won't see Danother one And then he Gsang a song, The Rare Old CMountain Dew I turned my Gface away And Cdreamed Dabout Gyou
[Verse 2]
Got on a Glucky one Came in eighCteen to one I've got a Gfeeling This year's for Dme and you So happy GChristmas, I love youC baby I can see a Gbetter time When Call our Ddreams come Gtrue
[Verse 3]
They've got Gcars Big as Dbars They've got Emrivers of Cgold But the Gwind goes right through you It's no place for the Dold When you Gfirst took my Emhand On a Gcold Christmas CEve You Gpromised me CBroadway was wDaiting for mGe
[Verse 4]
You were Ghandsome You were pretty Queen of New York DCity When the Gband finished Cplaying They Dhowled out for Gmore GSinatra was swinging All the drunks they were Dsinging We Gkissed on the Ccorner Then Ddanced through the Gnight
The Cboys of the NYPD Dchoir Were Gsinging 'Galway EmBay' And the Gbells were Cringing DOut for Christmas Gday
[Instrumental] G C G D G C G D G [Verse 5]
GYou're a bum You're a Dpunk You're an Emold gal on juCnk Living Gthere almost dead on a drip In that Dbed You Gscum bag
You maggot
You cheap lousy Dblaggar Happy GChristmas your Cmuggar I pray DGod It's our Glast
The boyCs of the NYPD Dchoir Still sGinging `Galway EmBay` And the Gbells are Cringing DOut for Christmas GDay
[Verse 6]
I could have Gbeen someone Well, So could Canyone You took my Gdreams From me when I first Dfound you I kept them Gwith me babe I put them Cwith my own Can't make it Gall alone I've built my dreams Daround Gyou
The boyCs of the NYPD Dchoir Still GSinging `Galway EmBay` And the Gbells are Cringing DOut for Christmas GDay
[Outro] G C G D G C G D G
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