Ed Sheeran - Even my dad does sometimes

Even My Dad Does Sometimes - Ed Sheeran So this is my first tab so it may be wrong. It's just the beginning of the song and I saw that there wasn't a tab for this already so I made my own, I wrote the tab by ear so if you find something that doesn't sound right, feel free to correct me in the comments or email me. Tabbed by: Caitlin Holden E-mail: caityholden123@gmail.com Tuning: Standard No capo You can just repeat this during the verse as well, it's not completely right but it sounds fine. e|----2----5-2----------------2----5-2---------------------------------------| B|----3--3-----3-2-0----------3--3-----3-2-----------------------------------| G|------2--------2---2-4-2-0----2--------2-2-4-2-0---------------------------| D|----0----0------------------0----------------------------------------------| A|---------------0-----------------------0-----------------------------------| E|---------------------3---------------------3-------------------------------|
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