Ed Sheeran - Drunk acoustic

First tab I have ever made :) Don't be shy, tell me if I made a mistake somewhere please:) __________________________________________________________________________________________ {No Capo}
I Gwanna be drunk when I Dwake up On the right side of the Emwrong bed And never an excuse I Cmade up CTell you the truth I hate GWhat didn't kill me It Dnever made me stronger at all.Em C
GLove will scar your make-up, Dlip sticks to me So now I maybe Emlean back there I'm sat here Cwishing I was sober GI know I'll never hold you Dlike I used to. Em C
EmBut a house gets cold when Dyou cut the heating GWithout you to hold CI'll be freezing EmCan't rely on my Dheart to beat in G'Cause you take parts of it Cevery evening EmTake words out of my mouth Djust from breathing GReplace with phrases Clike when you're leaving Gme.
GShould I, should I? Em* G* Maybe I'll get drunk again Em* G* I'll be drunk again Em* G* I'll be drunk again To feel a littleC lovDe
I Gwanna hold your heart in both Dhands Not watch it fizzle at the bottom of a EmCoke can And I got no plans for the Cweekend So should we speak Gthen Keep it between Dfriends Though EmI know you'll never love me like you Cused to.
ThGere may be other people like Dus Who see the fEmlicker of the clipper when they light Cup Flames Gjust create us but burns don't heal like Dbefore AEmnd you don't hold me Canymore.
On Emcold days cold plays out like the Dband's name I know I Gcan't heal things with Ca hand shake You Emknow I can't change as I Dbegan saying You Gcut me wide open like lDandscape EmOpen bottles of beer but never Cchampagne To Gapplaud you with the sound that my hands Cmake.
GShould I, should I? Maybe I'll get Emdrunk Gagain I'll be Emdrunk Gagain I'll be Emdrunk Gagain To feel a littleC lovDe.
GAll by myself DI'm here again EmAll by myself CYou know I'll never change GAll by myself DAll by myself EmI'm just drunk again I'll be Emdrunk Gagain I'll be Emdrunk Gagain To feel a littleC lovDe.
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