Ed Sheeran - Drunk

Hi! Capo 3 :) verse 1.
EI wanna be drunk when I wake up, On the right side of the wArong bed,
And never an excuse I made up,
CTell you the truth I hate what, Em Didn't kill me, iD/F#t never made me stronger at Gall,
verse 2
ELove will scar your makeup, Lip sticks to me sD/F#o now i maybe lean bacEm7k there, I'm sat here, wishing I was sCadd9ober, I know i'll never D/F#hold you like I used toG
But the hEm7ouse gets cold when you cuCt the heating, WithouGt you to hold i'll be fDreezing, CanEm7't rely on my hearCt it beating, CauGse you take part of it eveDry evening, TakEm7e words out of my mouth jusCt from breathing, GReplace with phrases like 'wheDn you leaving me?'
ShEmould I, SChould I,
Chorus 1.
Maybe I'll get Em7drunk, agaGin I'll be Em7drunk, agaGin, I'll beEm7 drunk, agaiGn To feel a little Cadd9love. D
verse 3
EI wanna hold your heart in both hands, And watch it fizzle at the bAottom of a coke can, Em7And i've got no plans for the weekend, So should we speak then? Keep it between friCadd9ends? Though I know you'll never D/F#love me, like you used tGo
verse 4
EThere may be other people like us, You see the flicker of the cliD/F#pper when they light up, Em7Flames just create us, Cburns dont heal like befCadd9ore D/F#You dont hold me anymoGre
On cEmold days cold plays out like the Cadd9bands name GI know i cant heal things with a hDandshake YouEm know i can't change, Cadd9as I began saying YoGu cut me wide oDpen like landscape EmOpen bottles of beCadd9er but never champagne Gto applaud you with the soDund that my hands make
EmShould I? SChould I?
Chorus 2.
Maybe I'll get Em7drunk, aGgain I'll be Em7drunk, agGain, I'lEm7l be drunGk, again To feel a lCadd9ittle loveD.
Em7All by myselGf DIm hear again Em7All by myselGf You know i'Dll never change Em7All bCy mysGelf D EmAll bCy myselfG D
I'm just druEm7nk, agaiGn I'll be druEm7nk, againG I'll be drEm7unk, agaiGn To feel a littleC loDve G
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