Ed Sheeran - Dont

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Don't - Ed Sheeran Tabbed by: the one and only hahaha Mr. Lovendino Tuning: Standard (EADGBE) Here is the performance go to 16:33: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lR3vIjAZDnM While the other versions are tabbed from Ed's performance on SNL with a band, this is Ed playing without a band in concert in Vicar Street, Dublin. However the other tabs are fine just for whatever reason Ed plays it half a step higher in this performance, this tab is if you want to play along with the video. The base line: 1E|----------------x---------------x--------------x----------------x--------------| 2B|----------------x---------------x--------------x----------------x--------------| 3G|----------------x---------------x--------------x----------------x--------------| 4D|----------------x---------------x--------------x----------------x--------------| repeat! 5A|------------8-8-x----------x3-3-x---------x4-4-x-----------x6-6-x--------------| 6E|----------------x---------------x--------------x----------------x--------------| ************ | / slide up | h hammer-on | x Mute note ************ Chorus F7 C7 Db Eb e|---8------------------3--------------4---------------6-----------------------| B|---8---h9-------------5--------------6---------------8-----------------------| G|---8------------------3--------------6---------------8-----------------------| D|---8---h10------------4--------------6---------------8-----------------------| A|---8------------------3--------------4---------------6-----------------------| E|---x------------------x--------------x---------------x-----------------------| Strumming patter: D D U xxx U xx D U D U xx Fm7 Cm7 I met this girl late last year she said Db Eb Don't you worry if I disappear I told her Fm7 Cm7 I'm not really looking for another mistake Db Eb I called an old friend thinking that the trouble would wait but then Fm7 Cm7 I jumped right in a week later returned Db Eb I reckon she was only looking for a lover to burn Fm7 Cm7 But I gave her my time, for two or three nights Db Eb Then I put it on pause until the moment was right Fm7 Cm7 I went away for months Db Eb Until our paths crossed again, she told me Fm7 Cm7 I was never looking for a friend Db Eb Maybe you can swing by my room around ten Fm7 Cm7 Baby bring the lemon and a bottle of gin Db Eb We'll be in between the sheets till' the late AM Fm7 Cm7 Baby if you wanted me then you should have just said Db She's singing... Eb Fm7 Don't fuck with my Love Cm7 Db That heart is so cold Eb Fm7 All over my home Cm7 Db I don't wanna know that thing Eb Fm7 Don't fuck with my love Cm7 Db I told her, she knows
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