Ed Sheeran - Be like you

I noticed that there were some tabs for this song up already, but I preferred to play this song this way, and perhaps you will too. Capo on 3, standard tuning Here are the chords used in the intro/verso e||--3---3---3---3---3---------------------------| B||--3---3---3---3---3---------------------------| G||--0---2---0---0---2---------------------------| D||--0---0---2---2---0---------------------------| A||--2---2---2---3-------------------------------| E||--3---0---0-----------------------------------| Here is the picking for the verse/intro part, you have to listen for the exact rhythm and style but this should be along the right lines for the fingering e||-------------------------------------------| B||-3--3-3---3---3--3-3-----------------------| G||-0--2-2---2---0--0-0-----------------------| D||--------0---0-2------0-0h2p0---------------| A||----2-2---2------3-3-----------------------| E||-3------------0----------------------------| The Chorus and Bridge both use all of the same chords, you can use the same order as the intro, but I found that starting with the E minor chord during these parts works best. Hope this helps! Enjoy! ☺ Email for Qs and corrections: bestpr@dukes.jmu.edu
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