Ed Sheeran - A team

A Team by Ed Sheeran Chords : G / Em / C / Am7 / D / G : 320033 Em : 022000 C : x32010 D : x00232 Am7 : x02010
GWhite lips, pale face, breathing in snowfEmlakes, burnt luCngs, sour tasGte. GLights gone, days end, struggling to pay rEment, long nigChts, strange meGn.
Am7 C And they say she's in the Class A Team,
Stuck in her dayGdream, Been this way since 1D8, but lately her fAm7ace seems Slowly sinking, waCsting, Crumbling like paGstries, and they scream, The Dworst things in life come free to us, Cos we're jEmust under the Cupperhand, And go Gmad for a couple grams,
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