Disney - Aladdin - a whole new world chords ver. 1

D = xx0232 G = 320033 Bm = x24432 A = x02220 F#/Bb = x143xx F#m = 244222 E = 022100 D/F# = 2x023x A/C# = x4222x Intro: D-G-D (x2)
DI can Gshow you the Dworld DShining, Gshimmering, sBmplenAdid F#/BbTell me, F#mprincess, now Bmwhen did D/F#You last Glet your heart deDcide? DI can Gopen your Deyes DTake you Gwonder by BmwonAder F#/BbOver, F#msideways and Bmunder D/F#On a Gmagic carpet Dride
Chorus 1:
A whole new A/C#worldD A new fanA/C#tastic F#/Bbpoint of Dview No Gone to tell us D/F#no Or Gwhere to D/F#go Or Bmsay we're Eonly Adreaming A whole new A/C#worldD A dazzling A/C#place I F#/Bbnever Dknew But when I'm Gway up D/F#here It's Gcrystal D/F#clear That Bmnow I'm Ein a Cwhole new Gworld with Dyou DNow I'm in a whole new world with you
Verse 2: Modulate from D to F
FUnbeBblievable Fsights FIndesBbcribable DmfeeCling A/C#Soaring, Amtumbling, freeDmwheeling F/AThrough an Bbendless diamond Fsky
Chorus 2:
A whole new C/Eworld (Don't you dare close your Feyes) A hundred tC/Ehousand A/C#things to Fsee (Hold your breath - it gets better) I'm like a Bbshooting sF/Atar I've Bbcome so F/Afar I Dmcan't go Gback to Cwhere I used to be A whole new C/Eworld (Every turn a surFprise) With new hoC/Erizons A/C#to purFsue (Every moment red-letter) I'll chase them BbanyF/Awhere There's Bbtime to sF/Apare DmLet me Gshare this Ebwhole new Bbworld with Dmyo


ABb whole new F/Aworld ThBbat's where F/Awe'll be A BbthrillingF/A chase A Bbwondrous pF/Alace For Bbyou Cand Fme
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