Coldplay - X and y

Artist: Coldplay Album: X&Y Reference the song when needed: X&Y Notes (Make sure you read this part!): On A6 chord, just add the second fret of the 1st (High E) string. On G^ chord play: e-2- B-0- G-0- D-0- A-2- E-3- On D^ chord, leave 1st string (high E) open Verse 1:
F#mTrying hard to Gspeak and BmFighting with my A6weak hand F#mDriven to disGtraction BmSo part of the A6plan F#mWhen something is Gbroken BmAnd you try to A6fix it F#mTrying to reGpair it E G^ E G^ Any way you can
Verse 2: Guitar 2 (lead): e-7s14----14------7s14-----14s9-----------10----------------10-12------ B------12----12------------------11-12-14----12--12---12-14-------9---9 G---------------------------------------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------------- e----------10----------------10-12--9---9----------10----------------10-12-9--10s7 B-11-12-14----12---12--12-14--------------11-12-14----12---12--12-14-------------- G-- D-- A-- E--
I'm F#mdiving off the Gdeep end BmYou become my A6best friend F#m I wanna Glove you But I Bmdon't know if I A6can I F#mknow something is Gbroken BmAnd I'm trying to A6fix it F#mTrying to reGpair it BmAny way I A6can E
Repeat after every |: e-10s7 B----- G----- D----- A----- E----- G^ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh | (4x) _____Play this twice_(Solo between times)______ Play chords in an arpeggio Chorus 1:
DYou and me are fDmaj7loating on a tidal Emaj7wave... Together D You and me are Dmaj7drifting into outer sEmaj7pace... And singing E
G^ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh... ______________________________________________ Solo: e---------------------------------------------- B---------------7b8---7---7-------------------- G-6b7---------------6-------6b7---------------- D-----7--9---9------------------7--9---9------- A----------------------------------------4b5--4 E---------------------------------------------- Hope you enjoy and it's not too confusing.:)
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