Coldplay - Where is my boy

Coldplay- Where is my boy... Im 15 years old and this is my first tab. There is no tabs for this song on the internet so I tought that it could be cool to make myself... Please contact me if there is something wrong with the tab... "" I hope you will enjoy it!... Listen to the song and play the following chords:
AmWhere is my boy' I saw you come oGut of a scene. Maybe in Fsome kind of dream. Something that nAmever comes. G
AmTime that I take... See over in Garms I'll race. I'll race in to fFind you. I'll race in to fAmind you.G
AmTime stands. I open your Ghouse to my world. I see you come oFut of it all,
Unharmed and unscathed,
AndAm shoutin', Goh.
AmCome on in. In houses I Glive in. And changes you're Fmaking. To the state of Amaffairs. G
GCallin' 'wAmhere is my boy'' I have seen you so Goften. I cry 'Fwhere is my boy'' Oh, have you all Amforgotten' G
AmThat in some kind of dream, Have I seen you Gbefore. Oh have I seen you Fbefore' Oh, where is my Amboy' G
AmSo come all the way. Changin' the nGumber. Changin' the Fhouse where you live. Change Amyour lGines.
GHave I Amseen you before' In some kind of a Gdream' In a place you've Fforgotten. A place I've fAmorgotten. G
So Amwhere is my boy' When I kneel in your Garms, I flew Fawry. Where is my Amboy' G
AmHave I seen you before' In some kind of a dream' Have I sGeen you before'
In some kind of a dream' F And G
AmYour arms and your legs are Gshattered. Where is my boyF' Where is my Amboy' G
I said 'whAmere is my boy'' Have I seen you before' When I Glook in your eye,
Tell me 'he had to go.'
Said 'I Fseen you before, In some kind of dream.' Seems I've sAmeen you before. In some kGind of a dream.
I say 'Amwhere is the boy'' Have I seen you before' Yeah, I Gsaw you before.
In some kind of a dream.
I say 'Fwhere was my head' When I needed it most'' Oh, I sAmtayed here before, Yes I Gstay in the place I Amknow.
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