Coldplay - Wedding bells

Here is how i play it based of the performance at the Apple Keynote. Here is my cover of it it sounds good if you use Open G tuning, but either way is good.
Those weEmdding bells are riCnging up uDpon that hGill And EmI don't wanna Cswallow such a bDitter pilGl EmYou keep on Cmoving, but, DI stay stGill But I Dalways loved you and I Calways wGill
G D/F#
EmDays of no sCleeping DCaked in mGud EmAll kinds of CpoisonD in my blGood EmI lost theC only thing I eDver lovGed
Dsus4Oooh oh oh oh I Emheard them rCinging and Dprocessioning bGy EmUmbrellas Cin the cDlear blue skGy EmI saw youC swimming iDn that sea of whGite
Dsus4Oooh oh oh oh And EmweddingC bells ringing up Dupon that hill G And I dEmon't wanna sCwallow such a bitteDr pill G EmYou keep Con moving, baby, ID stay Gstill DI always loved you and I alwayCs will G
GOooohD/F# oh EmI loved you Cand I seDe it stilGl DI always loved you and I always wilCl G Singing, lalalEmalalaClalalDala G If Emeverything that went Cbefore didn't mattDer, so G EmLalaClalalaDlaa G
DI always loved you and CI always wGill
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