Coldplay - Warning sign

Artist: Coldplay Track: Warning sign Album: A Rush of Blood to the Head tab by greeny_boy Capo 1st fret
A Gwarning Dsign A I missed theE good times and I GrealisedD
A I started Elooking and the Gbubble burstD A I started Elooking for excuGses D
GCome on DIn A I gotta Etell you what a Gstate im inD
A I gotta Etell you in my Gloudest Dtones A that I started Elooking for a Gwarning Dsign A E
And the Dtruth is F# I Amiss you E
Yeah the Dtruth is F# That i Amiss you Eso
Verse 2 A warning sign came back to haunt me and I realised You were an island and I passed you by you were an island to discover Come on In I gotta tell you what a state im in I gotta tell you in my loudest tones I started looking for a warning sign Chorus: And the truth is I miss you yeah the truth is that I miss you so and im tired I should not have let you go Outro:
So I Acrawl Gback into your open Darms x 4
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