Coldplay - Ufo

Artist: Coldplay Song: Ufo Video: Cover Video: Transcription: Sheryar Malik, Tuning: C.G.D.G.B.D Chords used: G: x. C6: G9: x. D/G: x. G/C: 0.x. Bm: x. Cadd9: D: Gsus: x. C9: 0.12.x.0.13.0 Cmaj7: 0.12.x.0.12.0 Am: x. F: Em: x. D/C: x. C: Intro: Em D/C G. x2 Verse:
Lord I doGn't know which C6way I am gG9o--ing D/G G/CWhich way the riC6ver's going to flG9ow D/G It just seGems that upstrC6eam I keep rG9o--winBmg Cadd9Still got such a long way D to gG9o Cadd9Still got such a long way to gG9o D/G
And that ligGht Gsus G Gsus hits your eyeC9s Cmaj7 C9 Cmaj7 I kAmnow I swear we'll find somewhere The strFeets are paved with goCld Bullets flGy Gsus G Gsus split the skyC9 Cmaj7 C9 Cmaj7 But thAmat's alright sometimes sunlight comes strFeaming through the Choles
GOhohoh C6 G9 D/G G/COhohoh C6 G9 D/G GOhohoh C6 G9 Bm Cadd9Ohohoh D G9
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