Coldplay - Til Kingdom Come

CSteal C/Dmy Cadd9heart and hold C/Dmy Ctongue CI feel C/Dmy Cadd9time, my time C/Dhas Ccome Clet C/Dme Cadd9in, unlock C/Dthe Cdoor I've Cadd9/Gne Cadd9ver Cadd9/Gfelt C/Dthis Cadd9way Cadd9/Hbe Cfore
And the Amwheels just Fmaj7keep on Cturning the Amdrummer beFmaj7gins to Cdrum I don't Amknow which Fmaj7way I'm Cgoing I don't Fmaj7know which Gmaj6way I've Ccome
Hold my head inside your hands I need someone who understands I need someone, someone who hears for you, I've waited all these years
R: For you I'd Fmaj7wait 'til kingdom Ccome until my Fmaj7day, my day is Cdone and say you'll Fmaj7come and set me Am7free just say you'll Fmaj7wait, Gmaj6you'll wait for Cme
In your tears and in your blood in your fire and in your flood I hear you laugh, I heard you sing I wouldn't change a single thing And the wheels just keep on turning the drummers begin to drum I don't know which way I'm going I don't know what I'll become R: Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me (2x)
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