Coldplay - The Scientis 2

Tabbed by Onizuka Coldplay - The Scientist Of all the Chords used, this might be the best one that I've found myself... Actually this is my first try so go easy on me! Basically play all the 6 strings even if there's the "X" mark. Chords: Am {x02210} F {033211} C {332010} B/C {x3x010} D {x00232} A {577655} *{1 strum is best} {{Intro}} Am, F, C, B/C {x2} {{Verse I}}
Am Come up to Fmeet you, tell you IC'm sorry You don't know how lB/C, Amiovely you are I had to fiFnd you, tell you I nCeed you Tell you I B/C, Amiset you apart Tell me your Fsecrets, and ask me your Cquestions Oh let's goB/C, Ami back to the start Running in Fcircles, coming up tCails Heads on a B/Cscience apart
F, C Nobody said it was easy It's such a B/Cshame for us to part F, C Nobody said it was easy No one ever B/C, Dsaid that it would be this hard A* Oh take me back to the start
{{Interlude}} Am, F, C, C, Am, F, C, B/C {{Verse II}}
Am I was just Fguessing at numbers and Cfigures Pulling the C, Amipuzzles apart Questions of Fscience, science and Cprogress Do not speak as C, Amiloud as my heart Tell me you Flove me, come back and Chaunt me Oh and I Crush to the B/C, Amistart Running in Fcircles, chasing our Ctails Coming Cback as we B/Care
{{Chorus}} {{Solo}} Am, F, C, C Am, F, C, B/C {{Ending}} Ah-Oooohh...
Am, F, C, C Ah-Oooohh... Am, F, C, C Ah-Oooohh... Am, F, C, B/C Ah-Oooohh...
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