Coldplay - The dubliners

Ok, this is my first tab. This is a song Coldplay first performed live, it is currently unreleased. The lyrics are ny interperitation of them, as they are really hard to make out on the track I heard on YouTube. Just let me know if it's not good enough, or needs polishing. There was a bit of an error with the Fs, so, just count a whole bar, and It should be an F (capo 1) This song is fast and upbeat, watch it on youtube. Intro: |C |F |C |G |C |F |C G|C Verse 1:
When the sunrise hiCts the sky, when the morning comes alive F I'll be waitiCn' here right by your side G When the morning hitCs the sky, when the sunrise comes alive F I'm stCill gonna love yGou 'till I die C
Verse 2:(as verse1) Chorus:
But I'm still goCld minin', still gold miFnin, SCtill Gold minin' 'till I die, G Somebody tolCd me that, when the redness hits the sky, F I'm stCill gold minin' G'till I die C
Link:(as intro) Verse 3:
When the morning hitsC the sky, when the sunrise hits the sky F I'll be waitinC' here right with your side, G Well, somebody told mCe that, when the redness hits the sky F I'm stiCll gonna love yoGu 'till I die C
Chorus:(as chorus 1) The song ends on a sudden stop, just as it gets good. Tabbed by Arion.D.Xenos
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