Coldplay - Talk

these are chords that i made up to go with the alternate version of Coldplay's song Talk, which didn't make it onto their third album X&Y (youtube link here: I was very tired of not seeing simple chords to this song on any website, so i tried my best to configure my own. Definately not completely accurate, as the bridge is a little dodgy, but i tried! any alterations can be sent to be at CAPO 3RD Verse 1:
CUnder the grEmeat north star GTry to work out wDhere you are CIn the silenEmce of the sGea DI don't know where I've been
CIn the future, Emin the past GGoing nowhere muDch too fast CWhen I gEmo there go with Gme D CAhhhhh, When I Dgo there go with Emme
1st Chorus: (Em) C Em G 'Cause I don't know where I'm going but I wanna talk (C Em G)
I fCeel like I'm going where I've bEmeen beGfore CAnd I wanna taDlk
Interlude: C Em G D x2 Verse 2:
CTake a picture Emof GSomething that you're nDot sure of CBring it bEmack to show Gme D But I don't know what I sCee (C) Em In the future, find a home GGetting nowhere Don your own CGot to fiEmnd your missing piGece
Chorus 2:
'Cause you doCn't know where you're going but you wEmanna taGlk (C Em G)
You fCeel like you're going where you've Embeen beGfore (C Em G)
And nothCing's really making any seEmnse at aGll (C Em G)
You'll tell anCyone who'll listen that you fEmeel igGnored Let's taClk, let's taDlk C Do you wanna taDlk? Em
EmI'm up in the part of the throne Cadd9I'm trying to sing a song GIn a language I don't speDak EmI try but I cant get through EmI'm trying to get to you CBut you're difficult to reach Won't you tEmalk Cto Gme....
C Em G C Em G C Em G C D
So you doCn't know where you're going but you wEmanna tGalk You feCel like you're going where you've bEmeen beGfore Let's tCalk, let's taDlk ... Let's taClk, let's taDlk ...
End on Em
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