Coldplay - Swallowed in the sea

Coldplay X&Y Swallowed in the Sea Tabbed by Pat McInnis Here's the beginning melody transcribed for the guitar. (I was just messing around with and I thought I'd include it) Feel free too add slurrs and whatnot to give it some flavor. It sounds cool with effects such. E---------------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------| G-----4-----4--6--3---------------------------------| D--4-----4-----------6--4-----4--6--4--6--4---------| A--------------------------------------------6p4\2--| E---------------------------------------------------| E---------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------| G---------------------------------------------| D-----------4---------------------------------| A--2--4--6-----6--4\2-------2--2-----2--2--2--| E----------------------4----------4-----------| Repeat one more time, with a few minor changes. (Notes are still the same though) Then it goes to this: E-------------------------------------------------| B-------------------------------------------------| G-----4-----4--6/8\6--4-------4-----4h6--3--------| D--6-----6-----------------6-----6----------6--4--| A-------------------------------------------------| E-------------------------------------------------| E--------------------------------------------| B--------------------------------------------| G--------------4-----------------------------| D--4--6--4--6-----------------------4--------| A-----------------6p4\2----2--4--6-----6--4--| E--------------------------------------------| Repeat one more time, again, with slight changes. Chords: Notice the spacing. The second to last chords in the Verse and Chorus are held. Verse: B F# E B F# E B Chorus: E B G#m F# E B F# Transition into Bridge/Ending: E B Bridge: C#m E B F# Continue with the Chorus after that. Ending: B F# E B G#m F#m E B Play the chords like this to get the open sound: B E--0-- B--0-- G--8-- D--9-- A--9-- E--7-- F# (You can also play the B and high E open) E--2-- B--2-- G--3-- D--4-- A--4-- E--2-- E E--0-- B--0-- G--1-- D--2-- A--2-- E--0-- G#m E--0-- B--0-- G--4-- D--6-- A--6-- E--4-- C#m E--0---| B--0---| G--9---| D--11--| A--11--| E--9---|
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