Coldplay - Strawberry swing

Strawberry Swing by Coldplay Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends Tabbed by A Braindead Monkey Lead Electric Guitar Part This melody changes slightly in places so adjust and repeat as needed! Standard Tuning w/Delay and Reverb e|--11--13--16--16-16/13-13/11-13p11--------|--11--11-11--8p6-----6----| B|-----------------------------------11-13--|-----------------6-9------| G|------------------------------------------|--------------------------| E|------------------------------------------|--------------------------| A|------------------------------------------|--------------------------| E|------------------------------------------|--------------------------| e|--11--11-11--8p6-----6----|--11--13--16--16-16/13-13/11-13p11--------| B|-----------------6-9------|-----------------------------------11-13--| G|--------------------------|------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------|------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------|------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------|------------------------------------------| Acoustic Guitar Part Tuning: Open Eb Eb, Bb, G, Eb, Bb, Eb Dwn Dwn - Up Up Dwn CHORDS USED Eb Absus2 Db6sus2 Cmm7 Bbmsus4 Fm7sus4 Gb6sus2 eb|----0---------0----------0----------0---------0-----------0-----------0--------| Bb|----0---------0----------0----------0---------0-----------0-----------0--------| G |----0---------5----------8----------8---------6-----------1-----------1--------| Eb|----0---------5---------10----------9---------7-----------2-----------3--------| Bb|----0---------5---------10----------9---------7-----------2-----------3--------| Eb|----0---------5---------10----------9---------7-----------2-----------3--------| INTRO (Optional) Db6sus2, Absus2, Eb , Eb Db6sus2, Absus2, Eb , Eb FIRST VERSE Db6sus2 Absus2 Eb They were sitting, they were sitting in the strawberry swing Db6sus2 Absus2 Eb And every moment was so precious... 
 Db6sus2 Absus2 Eb
 They were sitting, they were talking in the strawberry swing Db6sus2 And everybody was for fighting Absus2 Eb Wouldn't wanna waste a thing
 SECOND VERSE Db6sus2 Absus2 Cold, cold water bring me 'round Eb Now my feet won't touch the ground Db6sus2 Cold, cold water Absus2 What you say' Cmm7 Absus2 It's such, it's such a perfect day Cmm7 Absus2 It's such a perfect day
 THIRD VERSE Db6sus2 Absus2 Eb I remember we were walking up to strawberry swing Db6sus2 I can't wait 'til the morning Absus2 Eb Wouldn't wanna change a thing Db6sus2 Absus2 People moving all the time Eb Inside a perfectly straight line Db6sus2 Absus2 Don't you wanna curve away Cmm7 Absus2 It's such it's such a perfect day It's such a perfect day BRIDGE Bbmsus4 | Fm7sus4 | Bbmsus4 | Db6sus2 Ahh ahh...
 ENDING Absus2 Cmm7 Now the sky could be blue Gb6sus2 I don't mind Db6sus2 Fm7sus4 Without you its a waste of time Could be blue I don't mind, without you it's a waste of time
 The sky could be blue, could be gray without you I just slide away
 The sky could be blue, I don't mind, without you it's a waste of time
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