Coldplay - Sparks

intro: Am Am#7 Am C7 Am#6 Am6 C Am7 C Am7 C Am7 C Am7 verse1:
CDid I drive you aAm7way CWell I know what you'll Am7say Fmaj9Oh sing one you Cknow CBut I promise you Am7this CI'll always look Am7out for Fmaj9you That's what I'll Cdo
I sayAm ohAm#7hhhhhAmhhhC7hhhAm#6 Am6 I sayAm ohAm#7hhhhhAmhhhC7hhhAm#6hhhhhAm6
C Am7 C Am7 C Am7 C Am7 verse 2: My heart is yours, It's you that I hold on to, That's what I do, And I know I was wrong, But I won't let you down, (Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah I will, yes I will) chorus: I say ohhhhhhhhhh I cry ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
Yeah I saw Csparks, Am7 Yeah I saw sparks, And I saw sparks, Yeah I saw sparks, Sing it out.
CLa, laAm7, la, laC, oh La, la, la, la, oh La, la, la, la, oh
Am 002210 Am#7 002110 C7 032310 Am#6 004210 Am6 003210 C 032010 Am7 002213 Fmaj9 003213
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