Coldplay - See you soon

Coldplay See You Soon Alright so this is how chris martin plays it, but he has, like all his other songs, weird tuning so the tuning is: EGDGBD Capo on 2nd Fret Chords: C#m (x,4,0,4,3,0) B/D# (X,6,0,6,5,x) E (x,7,0,7,7,x) Badd11 (x,2,0,2,2,x) ---> Listen for when he hammer-ons b string from 0 to 2. F#m (x,9,x,9,8,x) A (x,0,9,0,0,9) Amaj (x,0,9,0,7,0) A(2) (x,0,9,0,8,0) A5/E (x,(7,0,7,8,0) Intro: (C#m) (B/D#) (E) (Badd11) (C#m) (B/D#) (E) (Badd11) (C#m) (B/D#) (E) (Badd11) (F3m) (E) (Badd11) Verse C#m E Bad11 So you lost your trust
And you never should have C#m E Badd11 No,you never should have C#m E Badd11 But don't break your back If you ever see C#mthis E Badd11 But don't answer that
A In a bulAmaj7let proof vEest Badd11 A With the windows all closed I'll be Amaj7doin my bEest I'll see you soAon In a Amaj7telescope lens E And when allB you want is frAiends Amaj7 I'll see you soon (C#m) (B/D#) (E) (Badd11)
Verse 2: (Same Sequence as Verse One) So they came for you They came snapping at your heels They come snapping at your heels But don't break your back If you ever hear this But don't answer that Chorus Again After the chorus he plays: (C#m) (B/D#) (E) (Badd11)X3 Outro: A5/E E Badd11 I Know, you lost your trust A5/E E Badd11 I know, you lost your trust (Repeat with: "No, don't loose your trust") And that's that, Enjoy
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