Coldplay - Reign of love

REIGN OF LOVE COLDPLAY VIVA LA VIDA or DEATH AND ALL HIS FRIENDS The A can be Asus4 ------------------------------------ Updated on 11th July 2008. Reasons: -Typing error with the Asus4 chord. corrected. -Naming for G/F# could also be F#/G... correct fingering for G/F# should be muting the 5th:2x0033. Try the one that fits you better. CHORD CHART ------------------------ D x00232 Dsus4 x00233 G 320033 G/F# 200033 A x02220 or Asus4 x02230 Bm 224432 F#m 244222 ------------------------ INTRO: D - Dsus4 - D - G - G/F# - A x2 D - Dsus4 - D - Bm - F#m - G G - A - D - G - A - D
DReign Dsus4of lDove I Gcan’G/F#t letA go DTo the Dsus4sea DI offer This GheaG/F#vy Aload
DLocuDsus4sts Dwill BmLift F#mme Gup GI’mA just Da prisoner In a Greign Aof Dlove
D - Dsus4 - D - G - G/F# - A x2
DLocDsus4usts Dwill BmLet F#mus Gstop GI wish AI’dD spoken To the Greign Aof lDove
DReign Dsus4of lDove By the Gchurch, G/F#we’r Ae waiting DReign Dsus4of lDove My Gknees G/F#go praying A
DHow Dsus4I Dwish I’Bmd spF#moken G up Or Gwe’Ad beD carried In the Greign Aof lDove.
OUTRO: D - Dsus4 - D - G - G/F# - A x2 D - Dsus4 - D - Bm - F#m - G G - A - D - G - A - D
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