Coldplay - Oceans

"Oceans" by coldplay The tuning is (lowest to highest) D-G-D-D-A-d Capo: 4 Tabbed from this video: Chords: Relative to capo. | Bsus2 | Gb | A6 | A6*| E5 | Ebm7| Dmaj7| Dbmaj7| Dmaj7*| D7| d|-0-----|-0--|-0--|-0--|-0--|-0---|-0----|-0-----|-0-----|-0--| A|-0-----|-0--|-0--|-0--|-0--|-0---|-0----|-0-----|-0-----|-0--| D|-0-----|-0--|-0--|-8--|-0--|-0---|-0----|-0-----|-0-----|-0--| D|-7-----|-7--|-7--|-0--|-5--|-5---|-5----|-4-----|-5-----|-5--| G|-7-----|-7--|-7--|-7--|-5--|-4---|-3----|-2-----|-0-----|-0--| D|-5-----|-4--|-3--|-3--|-2--|-0---|-0----|-0-----|-3-----|-2--| Bsus2 | Gb | A6- A6* | E5 | x2 ^play quick
Bsus2 Wait for your caGbll, love, A6 The call never E5came, Bsus2 Ready to Gbfall, love, A6 Ready to E5claim. Bsus2 I'm ready for it Gball, love... A6 I'm ready for theE5 change. Bsus2 Meet under Gbsunlight, A6 Meet me E5again,
In the Ebm7rain, Dmaj7 Dbmaj7 Ebm7 | Ebm7 | Dmaj7 | In the rain.
| Dmaj7* | D7 | Dmaj7* | D7 |
Bsus2 Behind the wGballs, love, A6 I'm trying to E5change, Bsus2 I'm ready for it Gball, love... A6 I'm ready for the E5pain. Bsus2 So meet under Gbblue sky, A6 Meet me aE5gain,
In the Ebm7rain, Dmaj7 In the rDbmaj7ain. Ebm7 In the Ebm7rain, tDmaj7he raaain...
| Dmaj7* | D7 | Dmaj7* | D7 |
A6 Got to find yourself aE5lone in this world A6 You've got to find yourself E5alooone...
|Ebm7 |Dmaj7 |Dbmaj7| Ebm7 | | Dmaj7* | D7 | Dbmaj7........ ooooooooooooooohh
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