Coldplay - Now my feet wont touch the ground

Intro: C5 Csu2 C F F/G C
C5Let Csus2me go,C boys let me gFo F/G C CPush my boat from the highest cliff to thCsus2e sea bGeloG/Fw
CRocks are waiting, boys roCsus2cks awaFitF/G C C Am G F C C/A C/B C Swoop down from the sky and catch me like a bird of prey
C5Now Csus2my feeCt wC5on’tF touch tF/Ghe grCound C5Now Csus2my heaCd wC5on’t stGop G/F
G Gsus4 G G/F C You wait a lifetime to be found
C5Now mCsus2y feet CwonC5’t tFouch F/Gthe gCround Repeat for the rest of the song
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