Coldplay - In my place

Drums Intro Intro 1/2 e|-12-12--7h9-7h9-12-12--7h9-7h9-12-12--7h9-7h9-12-12-\-9-7h9-7h9-| B|----------------------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------------------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------| Intro 2/2 e|-12-12--7h9-7h9-12-12--7h9-7h9-12-12--7h9-7h9-12-12-\-9-7h9-7h9-5-| B|------------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------| Verse 1
AIn my Amajplace, in my C#mplace, Were Elines that I couldn't Achange, I was F#mlost, oh C#myeah. E
I was lost, I was lost, Crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed, I was lost, oh yeah. Chorus
DYeah, how Along must you Ewait for Dit? Yeah, how Along must you Epay for Dit? Yeah, how Along must you Ewait for Dit? For Eit...
Intro 2/2 Verse 2
AI was Amajscared, I was C#mscared, ETired and under preApared, But I F#mwait for C#mit. E
And if you go, if you go, Leave me down here on my own, Then I'll wait for you, yeah. Chorus Intro 1/2 Intro 2/2 Bridge (play intro 1/2 & 2/2 through bridge) Sing it please, please, please, Come back and sing to me, To me, me. Come on and sing it out, now, now. Come on and sing it out To me, me Come back and sing. Verse 3 In my place, in my place, Were lines that I couldn't change, I was lost, oh yeah. Oh yeah. //Enjoy Serbia//
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