Coldplay - I bloom blaum

I BLOOM BLAUM COLDPLAY A RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD 2003 TUNING: D A D F# A D CHORDS USED (relative to tuning): D(#11) 004200 Dadd9 002000 D 054000 Gm(add11) 555430 A x0770x Asus2/4 x0755x A* x0777x B7 9x990x D* 000000 NB: The area between | and | denotes one bar/measure. INTRO | D(#11) | Dadd9 D(#11) | (x4) | D | (x2) | D(#11) | Dadd9 D(#11) | (x2) | Gm(add11) | (x2) VERSE Gm(add11) D(#11) Darling, those tired eyes Gm(add11) D(#11) Go with me all the time Gm(add11) D(#11) And in the dead of night Gm(add11) D(#11) Tell me you will be mine. A Asus2/4 A* Asus2/4 Where do you go to, pretty baby' A Asus2/4 A* Asus2/4 Where do you go to, when the night wins away. A Asus2/4 A* Asus2/4 Ask me so sweetly, what do I do' A Asus2/4 Who do I sing for' A* Asus2/4 B7 Gm(add11) D(#11) Well honey I sing about you.________________________________________ B7 Gm(add11) D(#11) D You.________________________________________ Thanks, FratelliFan.
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