Coldplay - Hypnotised

Intro F Am Dm Am Bb F 2x
FBeen rusting in the rDmubble Running to a fBbaint Need a brFand new coat of paiAm/Fnt FI found myself in tDmrouble Thinking about what aiBbn't FNever gonna be a saint, sAm/Faint
GmSaying float like an eaglCe DmFall like the rainBb GPouring in to pCut out the paDmin Oh again Bband again
Now I'm hFyp, hyAmpnotiseDmd AmYeah i tBbrip, when i lFook in yAmour eyes AmYeah i Bbslip and I'm mesmFerizAmed
FIt's easy to be leDmthal I'm learning from the news Bb It's aF guidebook for the bluAm/Fes FSaying it's the vAmery same stDmeeple PeAmople want to cBbhose They just see iFt from different views
GmAnd threading the neFedle DmFixing my flBbame GOh now I'm moved Cto exclaDmim Oh againBb and again
Now I'm hFyp, hAmypnotisDmed AmYeah i tBbrip, when i loFok in yoAmur eyes AmYeah i lBbift and I'm mesmFeriAmzed
Outro F Am Dm Am Bb F Am 2x G C Dm Bb 2x
Now I'm hFyp, hyAmpnotiseDmd AmYeah i lBbift to a perFmanent hAmigh Now I'm hFyp, hyAmpnotiseDmd AmIt was dark Bb Now it's sunFrisAme F
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