Coldplay - How You See The World

Are youAm missing something ELooking for something Am Tired of everything ESearching and struggling Are youAm worried about it Do you wanna Etalk about it OhF You’re gonna get itAm right some Etime
Theres so much to be scared of And not much to make sense of Are you running in a circle You can’t be too careful And you can’t relate it Cos it’s complicated Oh You’re gonna get it right some time You’re gonna get it right some time
FIt’s how you Am see the world How manyEm times can you see You can’t beFlieve what you learn
It’s how youAm see the world Don’t youG worry yourself Your not gonnaF get help
Oooohhhhh… Is there something missing There’s nobody listening Are you scared but you don’t moan Don’t wanna end up on your own You need conversation And information Ohhhh… Gonna get it right sometimes You just wanna get it right sometimes
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