Coldplay - Hardest part acoustic

CAPO III Not 100% album-accurate, but it works pretty well for solo acoustic. The Bm7s can be swapped for Ds if you need to without losing much. For the times when you're holding a D for a few bars, use Dsus4 and Dsus2 to shake it up a bit. The chorus chords marked with a * are transitional - you can leave them out if you can't get to them in time. CHORDS Dm | 022000 F | 032010 C | 320033 Em7 | 020202 G | 000232 Dm | 002210 Dm          F     And the hardest part     C               Em7 Was letting go, not taking part Dm           F             C            Em7      Was the hardest part Dm      F And the strangest thing     C                Em7 Was waiting for that bell to ring Dm               F                  C              Em7       It was the strangest start F                       C            Em7      I could feel it go down F                         C           G      Bittersweet, I could taste in my mouth F                      C             Em7      Silver lining the cloud        Dm GF EmDm Oh and I                             Dm I wish that I could work it out F C G Dm           F     And the hardest part     C               Em7 Was letting go, not taking part Dm              F               C     Em7      You really broke my heart Dm         F      And I tried to sing       C                 Em7 But I couldn't think of anything Dm                     F              C     Em7       And that was the hardest part F                       C            Em7      I could feel it go down F                          C           G      You left the sweetest taste in my mouth F                           C        Em7      Your silver lining the clouds        Dm GF EmDm Oh and I        Dm GF EmDm Oh and I                          Dm I wonder what it's all about F C G Dm              F    C  G Everything I know is wrong              F             C       G Everything I do, it's just comes undone                   F    C G And everything is torn a-part                 F Oh and it's the hardest part            G That's the hardest part
Yeah that's thFe hardest part            G              Dm That's the hardest part 
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