Coldplay - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

E, G, F#, F EWhere do Gwe go? Nobody F#knowsF EI've got toG say I'm on my F#way downF EGod, give mGe style and givF#e me graFce EGod put Ga smile uponF# my faceF
Where do we go to draw the line? I've got to say I wasted all your time, but honey, honey. Where do I go to fall from grace? God put a smile upon your face, yeah.
®:CNow when you work it out, I'm Gworse thanA you. CYeah, when you work it out, GI wantAed to. CNow when we work out where tGo drawA the line CYour guess is Gas gooAd as mine.
Verses 3 & 4 (Same as 1 & 2) Coda
As good as CmineG, A (Repeat) As, good, as, mine, (Repeat) Repeat Verse 1 and Finish on F
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