Coldplay - Fix you

ColdPlay- Fix you standard tuning no capo needed hope you guys like it .:For The ukulele:. F Am A# C [x2]
when you trFy your best but you dAmon't succA#eed C when you gFet what you want but Amnot what you neA#ed C when you fFeel so tired Am A# that you can't sleep C stuck in rFevAmersA#e...
and the tears come streaming down your face when you loose something you can't replace when you love someone but it just goes to waste could it be worse... [CHORUS] (strum once)
A# liA#ghts wFill gCuide you hoFme A#and iFgniCte your bonFes but A#I will tCry to fix yFou
[Play Intro] F Am A# C and high up above or down below we were to in love to let it go but if we never try we'll never know just what were worth... [CHORUS] ((I usually don't play the bridge so I'm not sure if these are the correct chords)) [BRIDGE] (Singular strum) F (x8 or 16) Am (x8 or x16) [x2 or x4] [(multiple) singular strums]
FTears stream Down your face Cand I swear that I will learn from my mistakes Ftears stream down your face
and I............... Tears stream Down your face When you lose someone that you cannot replace tears stream down your face and I............... [CRORUS] hope you guys liked it :)
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