Coldplay - Everglow

Coldplay - Everglow Standard Tuning | Capo 4 (but I'm more comfortable with Capo 6) Chords/Tabs by KHA Intro: Am F C Em7
AmRepFeaCt G2x Verse 1: We Amsee people Fcoming We Csee people Emgo This parAmticular timinFg is extra spCecial G I know Amyou might be Fgone And the Cworld may not Emknow Still I Amsee you ceFlestial G
Am F C G Am F C G
Like a Amlion you Fran CGoddess he wrote Em Like an Ameagle you Fcircle CPerfect of Gall So how Amcome things move Fon? How Ccome cars don’Emt slow? When it Amfeels like the end of tFhe world G When I Amshould but I can’t lFet you go G
But when I’Amm coFldC, cEmold When I’Amm coFldC, cGold There’s Ama light that yoFu give me When I’Cm in sEmhadows It’s Ama feeling oFf ever, eGverglow
Am F C G Am F C G Verse 2:
We’rAme brothers iFn that The Csisters you Emwrite When we Amstroll on that Fland We’ll bCe friends ‘tilG we die With the Amchanging of Fwinds And the Cway waters Emflow Life is Amshortest in Ffall, in the Gsnow I know AmI’m going tFo miss you, GI know
Chorus 2:
But when I’Amm coFldC, cEmold Yeah, all aAmloneF, the Csun G And I Amknow that you’rFe with me And the Cway you Emshow, when yoAmu’re with me wheFrever I go G But you Amgive me this feeling, Fit’s everglow G
Bridge: Am F C Em7 Am F C G Am F C Em7
Oh, what I would Amgive for just a Fmoment to knoGw Yeah, I Amlive for this Ffeeling, it’s evGerglow
Outro: Am F C Em Am F C G
So if Amyou love someFone, you shouldC let them Emknow Oh, the Amlight that you Fleft me will evGerglow
--- I hope we could jam to this song live :)
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