Coldplay - Easy to please

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Easy to Please - Coldplay ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tabbed by: b34r5 Email: Tuning: Standard I couldnt find a tab I liked for this song as they all sounded a bit out or used a capo, which made the chords a bit too simple, so I made up my own. This is my first proper tab so let me know what you think! -Chords used are- C#m C#m* B F#m(11) F#m E E6 Asus4 A Amaj7 Asus2 e|-4----9-----2-----0-----2-----0-----9-----0-----0-----0-----0---| B|-5----9-----4-----0-----2-----0-----9-----4-----2-----2-----0---| G|-6----9-----4-----2-----2-----1-----9-----2-----2-----1-----2---| D|-6----11----4-----4-----4-----2-----9-----2-----2-----2-----2---| A|-4----11----2-----4-----4-----2-----7-----0-----0-----0-----0---| E|-X----9-----2-----0-----2-----0-----X-----0-----0-----0-----0---| C#m* C#m B Love; I hope we get old, F#m(11) E I hope we can find a way of seeing it all. C#m B Love; I hope we can be, F#m(11) E6 E E6 I hope I can find a way of letting you see
ThatA I'mAsus4 so e-Amaj7-asy to F#mplease, so e--BasAy. B A Asus2 B A Asus2 B A Asus2 A
C#m B Love; I hope we grow old, F#m(11) E I hope we can find a way of seeing it all.
LC#move; I hope we can Bbe I hope I can C#mfind a way of letting you E6see E E6
ThatA I'mAsus4 so e-Amaj7-asy to F#mplease, so e--BasAy. B A Asus2 B A Asus2 B A Asus2 A
-NOTES- -Chords- The chords might look tricky but they're not too bad with a bit of practice. Feel free to simplify them, I tried to make them accurate and not relative to a capo or anything so people on other instruments can use them. I know the F#m(11) and Asus4 chords arent named correctly, those are the closest looking chords I could find. if you know the proper names please make a correction. The C#m* is a variation of the C#m, and not vital, you can treat it as an E6 and just hit the top strings to get the right effect, or completely ignore it. You may also wish to play variations of the B and E chords, as I think that might be the case in the song. -Strumming- I haven't a clue, Im very bad at it. So you'll have to figure it out im afriad. Take note that sometimes the low strings are hit first before the rest of the chord is struck. At the end of the chorus, slide the B down to A and hammer from the Asus2 back to the A. -The piano bit- You can pick this out of the chords and it sounds quite good, as follows- C#m B e|-------4-------------------4---------------2-4----------------2-4----------| B|-----7---------4-5-------7--------4-5----------------4-5---------------4-5-| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---6---------6---------6--------6--------4--------4---------4--------4-----| A|-4---------4---------4--------4--------2--------2---------2--------2-------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| I'm sure you can figure the rest out for yourself. Just play with the chords and change finger positions to make it sound right as you can see I've had to do above. -Chorus- Im pretty sure I've got this wrong, the F#m fits but I think it should actually be a funny variation of the A chord. Please let me know what it is if you find it! The Asus4 and Amaj7 I'm not really 100% about either... Happy playing, Peace on Earth
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