Coldplay - Dont panic

Coldplay - Don't Panic Tabbed By: Liran Matatof Normal Tuning Chords used: Fmaj9 - 13301x Fmaj7 - 13321x Am - x02210 C - x32010 Dm - xx0231 Dm6 - xx0201 G - 320003 Intro: Fmaj7 Fmaj9(listen how the strum goes like)
AmBones, sinking like Cstones, All that we fFmaj7ought for, AmHomes, places we've Cgrown, All of us areFmaj7 done for.
DmAnd we live in a Dm6beautiful world, Am YeahG we do, yeah we do, DmWe live in a beauDm6tiful world, Fmaj7
same goes for the rest of the song
AmOh, all that I Cknow, There's nothing here to Fmaj7run from, CoAms yeah, everybody Chere got somebody to Fmaj7lean on.
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