Coldplay - Coldplay sing three very boring songs

Coldplay sing three very boring songs - Coldplay (BBC Radio 1) Link: Hope you like it and I'm open for any improvements! "Just saw a leaf drop out of a tree" (Minute 0:35)
WAmalking this morning, what did I see? IAm saw a leaf drop out of a tree! WAmalking along after dark, AAmll kind of changes going on in the park IAm'm saying yeaFh
"I've just got a bag of sand out of the van" (1:51)
It was aAm gorgeous day Everything'sEm going my way I am a Dmman, with some sand in my Amvan
I don't knowAm what to do How do may tEmhis stay through GottaDm get it out of my van, if I Amcan
"I'm counting screws for kitchen handles" (2:50)
GCood morning, how are Amyouse? HCow your socks? How your Amshoes? YCou listening to jazz, what did you Amchoose?
OFh me? G I'm counting screCws!
"I need to buy a new toothbrush, 'cause my bristles are flat" (3:52) (Intro) G Ha!
WGalking down the street GCet a lot of wolf whistles GGotta find someone to week GCotta buy some new bristles
"Today I'm gonna walk to the postbox, I'm post about... 10 letters?" (4:42)
C Yeah,Am all right now, C c'mon everybodyAm, haha so right now C Just walking along,Am to singing my new song F Here we go...
HCey I wanna contact, wanna conAmtact my friend IC got some letters that I've jAmust got to send IF got another nine people, that I want to caCll I got to write to them Amall Writing to my fFriends, writing to my frGiends ... Letter writing never endCs Am
DCon't want to write them on myAm computer
"Plucking my eyebrows" (6:54)
MAmy wife said: TomF you look so scary, DAmon't wanna be rude, but your Feyebrows a little bit hairy IAm ain't the problem, Fdon't blame it on me! TDmhey grow much longer, you gonna sGtruggle to see!
So pluck 'em oAmut, that's what this song's aFbout Can you borrow my twDmeezers? Yeah you can, no dGoubt Cause some plucking my eyebrows oAmut, that's what my days abFout Oh got your permissDmion, to improve your visGion
Extra part: (8:10)
SAmaid Tom beware,F of excess bodily hair CDmause soon you gonna scare all chilGdren!
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