Coldplay - Christmas lights

Another very heart-felt song from Coldplay! Hope this helps. ------------- Standard Tuning Intro: G C D G C D
GChristmas night, another fight Tears weve cried are flCood D GGot all kinds of poison in Of poison in my blCood D
GI took my feet to Oxford street Trying to right or wrCong D GJust walk away those windows But I cant believe shes gCone D
GWhen your still waiting for the snowfall CDoesnt really feel like Christmas at aDll
GA group of candles on me are flicker Oh they fClicker and they fGlow And I am Gup here holding on to all those Emchandeliers of hDope And like some dGrunken in this city I am go sCinging out of tEmune Singing hGow I always loved you darling EmAnd I always wiDll
GBut when your still waiting for the snowfall Doesnt really feel like CChristmas at aDll GStill waiting for the snow to fall It doesnt really feel like CChristmas at aDll
G C D (NOTE: This is my favourite part where almost each syllable of the lyrics has a chord in it :D Dont be surprised if it has a lot of chords in it, I just put it since I'm listening to the piano of the song, and it sounds cool anyways XD.)
GThose CEmhristDmas LGights GLight Emup tChe sGtreet GDown whEmere tDhe sCea and cDity mEmeet GMay aEmll yDour tCroubles sDoon be gEmone GOhh CEmhrisCtmas LGights keep shCining oGn
GThose CEmhristDmas LiGghts GLight uEmp thCe stGreet GMayEmbe tDhey bCring her bDack to Emme GThen aEmll mDy trCoubles wiDll be gEmone GOhh ChEmristCmas LGights keep shCining Gon
EmOooohChhhh..Em... G C G GOh CEmhristDmas LiGghts GLight Emup tChe sGtreets GLight Emup tDhe fCireworkDs in mEme GMay aEmll yDour tCroubles sooDn be Emgone GThose CEmhrisCtmas LGights keep sChining Gon
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