Coldplay - Charlie brown acoustic

Charlie Brown Coldplay Capo 3rd fret Intro: Em C G E|-----3-------3---------3-------3--3-----3-----3----3--| B|--3-------3-----3--1-----1--0--------0-----0-----0----| G|--0-------0-----0--0-----0--0--------0-----0-----0----| D|------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------| Em C Em Am Em~ E|----------------------------------------------||---3--| B|-----0----0----0-----------0----0----0--------||------| G|--0h2--0h2--0h2---2--0--0h2--0h2--0h2---2--0-+||------|- D|-------0h2-----------2-------0h2-------------+||---2--|- A|----------------------------------------------||------| E|----------------------------------------------||------| (h=hammer on) ~Em C G I stole a key
Took a Emcar downtown where the lCost boys meet I took a cGar downtown and tAmook what they offered me Em To sCet meG free I saw the lEmights go down at the eCnd of the scene I saw the lGights go down and they're sAmtanding in front of me
Em C G G Em C Em Am
Em My scCarecrowG dreams When they sEmmashed my heart into smCithereens I'll be a Gbright red rose come bAmursting the concrete Em Be a cCartoonG heart
CLight a fire, from a spark DLight a fire, a flame in my hCeart
We'll run wiCld We'll be glowing in the dEmark
C G G Em C Em Am Em C G G Em C Em Am
All the bDoys, all the girls All the mCadness in the wGorld All the bDoys, all the girls All the mCadness that occGurs All the hDighs, all the lows As the rCoom is spinning, oh
CWe'll run wild oh We'll start glowing in the dEmark
Em C G Em C Em Am x2
CSo we soar luminous and wired We'll be glowing in the dGark
|| Piano Outro || || That was my first Tab, thanks for playing. Original chords by: VanVeenTabs, but I tabbed the beginning and made some of my own adjustments. You can check out their version here: Enjoy `ja3is
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