Coldplay - Cemeteries of london

Standard Tuning Capo 6th This is how Chris plays Cemeteries of London! !!!PLEASE NOTICE!!! The position of the chords came out abit strange when I uploaded it here. But listen to the song and you'll know where to play what chord! =) Chords: Am C/G Em "Em/G" = 3-5-5-4-0-0 I'm calling the last chord Em/G since it's almost held like an ordinary Barre-G, although it sounds more simular to Em, which fits into the chorus.
AmAt night they would go walking till thC/Ge break in the day Em Am AmThe morning is for sleeping C/G Em AmThrough the dark streets they go searching to see God inC/G their own way Em Am AmSave the nighttime for your weeping C/G Em AmYour weeping
Singing C/Gla la la laEm/G la la lay Am And the C/Gnight over LoEm/Gndon hey Am
So we rodeAm down to the river where theC/G toiling ghosts spring Em Am For their curses Amto be broken C/G Em We'll go undernAmeath the arches where theC/G witches are in the sea Em Am There are ghost toAmwns in the ocean C/G Em The Amocean
Singing la la C/Gla la la laEm/G lay Am And the night oC/Gver London hey Em/G Am
Solo: Am C/G Em Am Am C/G Em Am C/G Em Am Am C/G Em Am
AmGod in the housesC/G, and god is in mEmy head Am And all the cemeterieAms in London C/G Em I see godAm come in my garden, but I C/Gdon't know what he'dEm say Am For my heart iAmt wasn't open C/G Em Not Amopen
Singing la la la laC/G la la lay Em/G Am And the night over C/GLondon hey Em/G Am Singing la la la laC/G la la lay Em/G Am There's no light ovC/Ger London today Em/G Am
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