Coldplay - Brothers and sisters

Hi there guys, I have been trying to figure out this tab for a long time now since there is barley anything on this song and apparently its not that recognized so I figured out a tab a little and this is what I have so far I'm trying to get most of the song but all I got it the intro. Please email me at so we can figure out a bit more into the verse and chorus! Note: this is just the lead electric. Tuning: Stanard EBGDAE / = slide E|-------------------------6---------------------------------| x4 B|-------------------7---------------------------------------| G|-----6--8---6----------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| x1 B|---------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----/16-------18----------/16------------------/16------------| D|----------16---------------------16----15-------------16---15--| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| Repeat the first small bit again with a final ring at the end. Thanks, Jack! Please email me if you see any errors!
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